Community Activism

The goal of the Community Activism Team is to engage young professionals through community involvement and volunteerism with Norman’s social service organizations.

The team meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at Stella Nova at 8 AM- 9AM

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Government Relations

The Government Relations Team is committed to providing Next members with an opportunity to get involved and engaged in the public policy discussion with the hopes of making a positive difference for the future of Norman.

The team meets in even months on the third Monday at Louie’s Brookhaven from 11:30 AM – 1 PM.

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Membership Development

The Membership Development team works to recruit and retain members of Norman NEXT.

The team meets the second Tuesday of every month at Ray’s BBQ on Lindsey from 12 – 1 PM.

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NEXT Leadership

The Next Leadership Team develops programs that provide Norman Next Members invaluable experience, tools, and access to community leaders.

The team meets the fourth Monday of every month at Cool Greens, at Noon.

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Special Events

The Special Events Team coordinates social networking and lunch events that provide young professionals the opportunity to meet and engage with one another.

The team meets the Last Monday at 12 – 1 PM at Louie’s on Campus Corner.

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